The Story behind it

Growing up in a family of fertilizer and soil entrepreneurs, our founder Jan always had the urge of improving the old-fashioned style of existing products in Europe and the US (his grandfather was one of the first entrepreneurs in Germany to market potting soil). He also noticed that the fertilizer industry had a fairly bad reputation, being one of the biggest soil polluters in the world. Therefore, for a long time, Jan was not sure whether he should take over the family business. After some time of thinking, he finally came up with the idea that would lead to the creation of Koryphé.

The idea of combining the family business' existing knowledge of fertilizer production and addressing its biggest issues might just be the key for a better future: Using recycled raw materials to improve sustainability and become part of the circular economy, using only vegan or biological ingrediends, avoiding chemical ingredients and last but not least, creating a more convenient customer experience.

Hence, Koryphé was born.


Founder, Koryphé