Gap Miracle - Bio & Vegan Lawn Gap Repair

$20.00 USD

Leaf Fills gaps between turfs for a fabulous look

Leaf Contains RSM lawn seed, coco soil and lawn fertilizer (3in1 Mix)

Leaf Purely natural nutrients

Leaf 1.25 kg of biological & vegan Lawn Gap Repair 


About Koryphé Gap Miracle

3-in-1 Products
Coco Soil + RSM lawn seed + Koryphé fertiliser for a lush lawn.

Convenient Sowing
Easy seeding process by simply spreading and watering thoroughly.

Vegan & Biological
Ensures strong lawn growth. In addition, we focus on resource-saving production!

Vegan and Sustainable

Made in Germany

Eco-friendly and Organic

Animal and pet safe


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Remove dead plant debris from the bare spot and lightly roughen the soil.

Spread the mixture evenly on the bare spot or thinned area in the lawn. For bare spots: 300 g/m² (for max. 4 m²). For thinned out areas: 150 g/m² (for max. 8 m²). Tip: 100 g of lawn gaps care corresponds to200 ml, so about a cup.

Water newly seeded areas thoroughly afterwards. Ideally with a fine garden sprayer.

Water regularly until a dense turf layer is formed. Important. The most common mistake when seeding lawns is not watering thoroughly or sufficiently during the germination period!

The first cut of the lawn should be made when the lawn plants are about 8 to 10 cm high. Always remove the cuttings.

The duration of the starter fertilizer is approx. 6 weeks, only after this period fertilize the lawn after this period.


Koryphé Gap Miracle has three products in one: (coco soil + RSM lawn seed + Koryphé fertiliser for a lush lawn) the nutrients in these products work together to ensure a quick and easy repair of lawn gaps and bare patches.


1.5 kg of Koryphé Gap Miracle repairs a lawn area of up to 8m²


Organic matter: 80%
pH value (CaCI2): 5,4
Salt content (KCI) in g/l: 1,3

100 mg/l P2O5 Phosphate (CAL)
1,200 mg/l K2O Potassium oxide (CAL)
130 mg/l Mg Magnesium (CaCI2)
300 mg/l S Total sulfur
35 mg/l S water soluble sulfur
Organic matter (loss on ignition): 45%.

Output Materials
Plant substances from food and animal feed production.NP fertilizers, potassium sulfate, carbonic acid magnesium lime; urea, sodium chloride.


Store in a cool and dry place. Protect from moisture and exposure to light.Wash hands after use.

For hygienic reasons, fertilizers should always be applied with gloves.

Close all fertilizer packaging well after use and keep out of reach of children and pets.

When stored properly, the product has a shelf life of several years.

treatment benefits

Koryphé's Miracle

With our 3-in-1 Koryphé Gap Miracle, you can close brown spots, patches and gaps in your lawn in less than 2 weeks. The 3-in-1 formula contains new lawn seed, organic fertilizer and coco soil. These components allow new grass to grow back quickly and vigorously.

This product is designed to be purely natural and locally produced in Germany. We keep your and our environmental footprint minimal as a result.

The soil's natural health and vigor is maintained and supported through our Koryphé Gap Miracle. It ensures a quick germination rates to help the lawn prevent weeds and moss from spreading into the patches of your lawn.

independent gardening

From nature, for nature

Koryphé's Gap Miracle repairs visual inconsistencies in your lawn and fills bare spots with lush new grass. This product was designed based on nature. It enters into symbiosis with the microorganisms in the soil to provide regenerative nutrients for the lawn's weak spots.

Stop worrying when your kids or pets make yet another hole in the lawn, rest assured they can be repaired easily with Koryphés Gap Miracle.

Conventional lawn gap fillers often contain harmful chemicals that can harm humans, animals, and the organisms in our soil, risking soil infertility in the long-term. Our Lawn Gap Miracle allows you to use a healthy and fast-acting formula to fill the gaps in your lawn, without artificial pollutants. Don't make your lawn dependent on chemicals, trust the power of nature with Koryphé Gap Miracle.

Lawn gap causes

Getting permanent results

Bare patches are prone if the lawn receives constant pet urine, heavy foot traffic, pest infestations, excessive shade or sunlight, in between a variety of other causes.

While these patches are easily ammendable with Koryphé's Gap Miracle, you msut consider the causes and the treatments. For example, if the cause for the patches is your pet's urine and there is no other area they can use, the results won't be permanent unless they can use another area. Nonetheless, restoring bare patches in your lawn is very simple. You can refer to the Application tab at the top of this product page for instructions.

Our Koryphé Gap Miracle is harmless to pets and humans, making your gardening experience stress-free and accessible anytime!

choosing us

Why Koryphé?

We seek to take care of both plants and people in order to preserve the beauty of nature for our generation and the ones to come.

At Koryphé we think that plant and human health are equally vital. As a result, our mission is to remove artificial additives, synthetic pesticides, or hazardous metals and try to make our products more beneficial to our ecosystem and our planet during the process. Our main goal is to maximize sustainability standards both internally and internationally to make our work more durable. We try to contribute to this by using resources wisely, reusing and recycling materials, and applying circular economy solutions.

You Ask, We Answer

Where can I see the product instructions?

At the back of each product you will find the application instructions as well as the application period instructions.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us at ....

Where are your products produced?

All our products are 100% produced in Germany.

What is the difference between regular and organic fertilizers?

Organic fertilizers release nutrients when they break down. This improves the soil health and its ability to hold water and nutrients. The components in organic fertilizers are made of natural ingredients such as plant substances from food and animal feed production.

Inorganic fertilizers feed your plants in fast doses of nutrients. These fertilizers contain the risk of a toxic overdose of chemicals that can negatively affect the growth of your plants.

Why shouldn't lawn gaps be left unattended for too long?

If your lawn has a gap or patch that has started to spread, it's best to deal with it as soon as possible.

Weeds and moss can start growing in the gaps lawn gaps which will make it challenging to remove and seal later on.

Koryphé's Gap Miracle aids to rapidly seal and repair the lawn to re-establish a dense turf.

What are some causes of the gaps and bare patches on my lawn?

There are numerous factors that may be negatively affecting the appearance and health of your lawn. Some of these include pest infestation, excessive shade, heavy foot activity, spilled chemicals, poor soil conditions, urine from pets or animals, salt burn from anti-icing techniques, fungal disease, insect infestation, cold weather, drought, in between other causes.

To treat your lawn gaps, you may refer to the section "Application" in the product description or refer to the back of the product.

How are Koryphé's products helpful for the environment?

At Koryphé we work hard to produce our products as environmentally and resource-friendly as possible. To us, our garden is a refuge, a place of recreation and our self-created paradise.

Knowing that the blooming flowers and bountiful yields in the garden have been achieved through organic and sustainable fertilisers that nourish the environment is incredibly fulfilling.

Koryphé is the way back to being close to nature and appreciating Mother Nature.

We focus on sustainable and resource-saving production so as not to burden our environment and to use its limited resources sparingly.