Green Autumn - Bio & Sustainable Autumn Lawn Food

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Leaf Preserves frost resistance 

Leaf Regenerates lawn strength in Spring

Leaf Purely natural nutrients

Leaf 1.5 kg of Bio Autumn Lawn Fertilizer

About Koryphé Green Autumn

Regenerative Power
Improves frost resistance and quick regeneration in the spring. 

Concentrated Potash Content 
Provides persevering strength and resistance during autumn and winter while replenishing the potassium that is constantly used up by the lawn throughout the year. 

Vegan & Biological - Ensures a strong and luscious lawn. In addition, we focus on resource-saving production!

Bio and Sustainable

Made in Germany

Eco-friendly and Organic

Animal and pet safe


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Sprinkle approx. 30 g/m² of the mini granules evenly on the lawn.

It is best to apply the fertilizer 2-3 days after mowing and water the granules thoroughly.

Mow the lawn 5 days after fertilization at the earliest.

Do not fertilize in hot weather or strong sunlight.

Application Period
Fertilize from July to the end of October on frost-free days. Best suited for application with the fertilizer spreader.


Koryphé's Green Autumn fertilizer is formulated with the adequate nutrients to prepare your lawn for the harsh coming months and to ensure it's green and vibrant soon after.

The potassium content improves your lawns' resistance to cold temperatures and lack of sun.

Additionally, the sulfur content boosts the lawn's natural defenses and reduces deficiency symptoms like yellow spots or poor growth.


1.5 kg of Koryphé Green Autumn feeds a lawn area of up to 50m²


6,0 % N total nitrogen
6,0 % P2O5 total phosphate
12,0 % K2O water soluble potassium oxide

4,3 % NH4 ammonium nitrogen
1,7 % organically bound nitrogen
6,0 % P2O5 neutral ammonium citrate soluble and water soluble phosphate
4,8 % P2O5 water-soluble phosphate
0,5 % MgO water soluble magnesium oxide
7,0 % S water soluble sulfur
40,0 % org. substance evaluated as loss on ignition

Raw Materials
Plant substances from food, luxury food and feed production. NP fertilizer, potassium sulfate, carbonic acid magnesium lime; urea, sodium chloride.


Store in a cool and dry place. Protect from moisture and exposure to light.Wash hands after use.

For hygienic reasons, fertilizers should always be applied with gloves.

Close all fertilizer packaging well after use and keep out of reach of children and pets.

When stored properly, the product has a shelf life of several years.

seasonal effects

All we want is green lawn

A beautiful garden starts with a beautiful and healthy lawn, yet this requires proper maintenance, especially during the autumn months. The intense sun might've damaged your lawn only for it to go onto the colder months and suffer some more. This is why the adecuate lawn fertilizer is indispensable to promote growth and provide your lawn with the necessary nutrients.

Our Koryphé Green Autumn fertilizer ensures to make your lawn vibrant and luscious during the whole season. This product was designed to be sustainable and purely natural, and is exclusively produced in Germany.

Lawns are meant to be filled with happy moments and experiences from children and pets running, to barbecues and family reunions. Koryphé wants to give you this sustainably, naturally and by having a positive impact on the environment.

vibrant lawn all year round

The greener the better

By now, we all know the key to green lawn is appropriate feeding, watering and sunlight. Raking is also an important factor that comes into play when trying to keep the lawn green and healthy. Raking will assist your lawn's development and growth as leaves can often create a thick coat which blocks the sunlight from reaching the lawn.

Koryphé's Green Autumn sustainable fertilizer ensures the lawn produces the strong layer that will protect it from the colder months ahead. Our product participates in the building of the lawn's strong root systems by nourishing it with sustainable and natural ingredients. Without a consistent supply of nutrients, the lawn would struggle to compete with weeds and develop the desired thick carpet of greenery.

Your lawn's physical appearance is a direct sign of their health levels. Make sure to give it proper care and maintenance all year round to ensure a beautiful and lively green color.

eat, eat, eat

Nutrient absorption during autumn

An essential part of maintaining and preserving the health of a lawn is lawn fertilization during autumn, with the shared goal of obtaining a Green Autumn. It's important to understand which are the proper steps to take and which miskates to avoid harming the lush greenery, which might have an impact on the upcoming year.

The main component of autumn lawn fertilizers is the nutrient potassium. Due to its ability to both boost cold resistance and build plant tissue, potassium is particularly crucial for overwintering. The lawn should also receive a relatively modest nitrogen concentration because increased nitrogen amounts before winter promotes growth.
The lawn is then to be adequately nourished until the start of the following spring even if they can only absorb the fertilizer slowly, this will help with resistance and maintained strength throughout the whole year.

At Koryphé, we're aiming for sustainable ardening to be a standard practice worldwide. Looking out for the environment and ourselves is a quality we should value highly. Our Koryphé Green Autumn fertilizer is harmless to pets and humans, making your gardening experience stress-free and accessible anytime!

choosing us

Why Koryphé?

We seek to take care of both plants and people in order topreserve the beauty of nature for our generationand the ones to come.

At Koryphé we think that plant and human health are equally vital. As a result, our mission is to remove artificial additives, synthetic pesticides, or hazardous metals and try tomake our products more beneficial to our ecosystemand our planet during the process. Our main goal is to maximize sustainability standards both internally and internationally to make our work more durable. We try to contribute to this byusing resources wisely, reusing and recycling materials,and applying circular economy solutions.

You Ask, We Answer

Where can I see the product instructions?

At the back of each product you will find the application instructions as well as the application period instructions. You will also find it at each individual product page under the tab "Application".

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us at

Where are your products produced?

All our products are 100% produced in Germany.

What is the difference between regular and organic fertilizers?

Organic fertilizers release nutrients when they break down. This improves the soil health and its ability to hold water and nutrients. The components in organic fertilizers are made of natural ingredients such as plant substances from food and animal feed production.

Inorganic fertilizers feed your plants in fast doses of nutrients. These fertilizers contain the risk of a toxic overdose of chemicals that can negatively affect the growth of your plants.

What are the benefits of sustainable autumn lawn fertiliser?

Sustainable fertilizers are composed of animal waste, plant substances from food compost and animal feed production, and decaying leaves and plants. They also improve soil structure and its ability to hold nutrients and water. Additionally, they are non-toxic to wildlife and insects.

Sustainable autumn lawn fertilizers not only provide strength and resistance to your lawn for the coming cold months, but they also improve the soil's texture and aeration, in turn increasing its water retention capacity while developing and stimulating a healthy root growth.

What are the essential nutrients my lawn needs to thrive?

The 3 essential nutrients for plants to grow are Nitrogen (N), Phosphate (P) and Potassium (K).

Nitrogen is necessary for the development of chlorophyll and cells in plants. It encourages healthy stalk growth and gives plants the support they need to constantly bloom.

Phosphate, also known as phosphorus, strengthens the root system and boosts the tissues in edible plants, fruit, and vegetables in addition to enhancing the capacity for seed production, flowers, and flowering.

Potassium, also known as potash, helps the plant better resist high temperatures by regulating water and enzyme activity. It's crucial for fruit and flower production, as well as root growth and seed generation.

How are Koryphé's products helpful for the environment?

At Koryphé we work hard to produce our products as environmentally and resource-friendly as possible. To us, our garden is a refuge, a place of recreation and our self-created paradise.

Knowing that the blooming flowers and bountiful yields in the garden have been achieved through organic and sustainable fertilisers that nourish the environment is incredibly fulfilling.

Koryphé is the way back to being close to nature and appreciating Mother Nature.

We focus on sustainable and resource-saving production so as not to burden our environment and to use its limited resources sparingly.