Lawn Dreams - Bio, Vegan & Sustainable Lawn Food

$19.00 USD
Leaf Maintains lawn strength and healthy growth

Leaf Granules dissolve after spread and watering

Leaf Purely natural nutrients

Leaf 1.5 kg of sustainable lawn fertilizer
About Koryphé Lawn Dreams

Suitable for all lawn types
Play, sports, ornamental, turf. Promoting a dense lawn with an intense green look.

Essential Nutrients
All necessary nutrients are present for a strong, green and healthy lawn.

Vegan & Biological - Ensures a strong and luscious lawn. In addition, we focus on resource-saving production!

Vegan and Sustainable

Made in Germany

Eco-friendly and Organic

Animal and pet safe


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Spread the fertilizer (20 - 25 g/m²) evenly onto the lawn.

Fertilize only on dry lawns.

During dry periods, water extensively after treatment.

Mow at the earliest 5 days after the fertilization.

Do not fertilize in hot weather or strong sunlight.

For new lawn installations, fertilize before sowing or 4-6 weeks afterwards at the earliest.

Application Period
Start fertilizing in spring approx. 20 g/m² (March - April).

Main growth phase approx. 25 g/m² (May - August).

Final application in autumn approx. 20 g/m² (October - November)


Koryphé Lawn Dreams fertilizer ensures your lawn is adequately nourished so it can compete with weeds and moss and create a densely vegetated area.

The organic-mineral NPK (10+15+10) refers to the ratio of Nitrogen:Phosphorous:Potassium content which work together to provide the best nutrients to your lawn. 


1.5 kg of Koryphé Lawn Dreams ideally supplies a lawn area of up to 75m²


10,0 % N total nitrogen
15,0 % P2O5 Total phosphate
10,0 % K2O total potassium oxide

9,1 % N Ammonium nitrogen
0,4 % N carbamide nitrogen
0,5 % N organically bound nitrogen
14,5 % P2O5 water soluble phosphate
11,0 % S water soluble sulfur
Organic matter (loss on ignition): 10 %

Output materials
Plant substances from food and animal feed production. NP fertilizers, potassium sulfate, carbonic acid magnesium lime, urea.


Store in a cool and dry place. Protect from moisture and exposure to light.Wash hands after use.

For hygienic reasons, fertilizers should always be applied with gloves.

Close all fertilizer packaging well after use and keep out of reach of children and pets.

When stored properly, the product has a shelf life of several years.


Gardening with love and care

Koryphé's Lawn Dreams fertilizer is designed with nature to enter a symbiosis with the microorganisms living in the soil, which are happy to receive the organic nutrients.

Our lawn fertilizer is designed to be sustainable and purely natural, and is exclusively produced in Germany. We keep your and our ecological footprint as minimal as possible.

Our Koryphé Lawn Dreams Fertilizer provides your lawn with an environmentally friendly and organic-mineral nutrient supply. We are committed to sustainable and resource-efficient production so as not to harm our environment and to be conscious with its limited resources.

stress-free gardening

Barefoot without hesitation through the garden

Walking barefoot on a biologically cultivated lawn gives us a feeling of carefreeness and closeness to nature. You don't have to worry about your children or pets when they are romping on the lawn together.

Conventional lawn fertilizers often contain chemical content and can harm humans and animals, as well as the complex organisms in our soil. Long-term use of chemical fertilizers can even result in an infertile soil.

Avoid making your garden chemical-dependent and trust the power of nature. Our Lawn Dreams fertilizer allows you a healthy and effective alternative to fertilize your lawn without artificial pollutants.

With Koryphé Lawn Dreams fertilizer, you can naturally support the lawn in your yard and walk on it barefoot at all times without worrying.

koryphé and the environment

Grounding with nature

The Koryphé Lawn Dreams fertilizer in the form of a minigranulate has a natural phosphorus and nitrogen content that remains available for your lawn in the long term. These two substances provide your lawn with healthy growth and a lush green look.

Our products contain the optimal fusion of modern efficacy and ecological sustainability. Going back to our roots and being close to nature is the pillar of our company.

Fertilizing organically and sustainably is not only trendy, it lets us live in harmony with nature while focusing on what's best for all.

choosing us

Why Koryphé?

We seek to take care of both plants and people in order to preserve the beauty of nature for our generation and the ones to come.

At Koryphé we think that plant and human health are equally vital. As a result, our mission is to remove artificial additives, synthetic pesticides, or hazardous metals and try to make our products more beneficial to our ecosystem and our planet during the process. Our main goal is to maximize sustainability standards both internally and internationally to make our work more durable. We try to contribute to this by using resources wisely, reusing and recycling materials, and applying circular economy solutions.