Rose Garden - Bio & Vegan Rose Food

$19.00 USD

Leaf Full bloom and splendour in approx. 3 months

Leaf Ideal for garden and balcony rose plants

Leaf Purely natural nutrients

Leaf 1.5 kg of biological rose fertilizer 

About Koryphé Rose Garden

Suitable for all roses
For rose beds, climbing roses, rose shrubs, rose tubs, indoor and outdoor roses.

Sustainable nutrient delivery
Koryphé Rose Garden provides your roses with an environmentally friendly nutrient supply. The microorganisms contained in the soil are sustainably nourished with beneficial micronutrients for them to digest. Fertilize your roses naturally with Koryphé.

Vegan & Biological
Ensures strong roses with expressive blooms. In addition, we focus on resource-saving production!

Vegan and Sustainable

Made in Germany

Eco-friendly and Organic

Animal and pet safe


For existing plants, spread the fertilizer (60 g/plant or 100 g/m²) on the soil around your roses.

For new plantings, you can add the fertilizer directly into the planting hole (60 g/plant or 100 - 150 g/m²).

Work the fertilizer well into the soil.

Each fertilizer application should be followed by sufficient watering.

Application Period
The first application of fertilizer should take place in spring (soil temperature above +8°C).

Re-fertilization takes place after 6 weeks at the earliest and can be repeated every 6 weeks during the flowering and growth phase in the summer.


Koryphé Rose Garden ensures the roses plants to display the full splendor of their flowers.

The organic-mineral NPK (6+5+6) refers to the ratio of Nitrogen:Phosphorous:Potassium content.

These nutrients ensures your roses will flower strong and healthy for the long term.


While the types of plants and their need tend to differ, 1.5 kg of Koryphé Rose Garden will feed on average 20 plants or an area of up to 15m²


6,0 % N total nitrogen
5,0 % P2O5 total phosphate
6,0 % K2O total potassium oxide

2,8 % N ammonium nitrogen
3,0 % N organically bound nitrogen
4,5 % P2O5 water soluble phosphate
3,0 % MgO water soluble magnesium oxide
3,5 % S water soluble sulfur
Organic matter (loss on ignition): 45 %

Output Materials
Plant substances from food and animal feed production. NP fertilizers, potassium sulfate, carbonic acid magnesium lime; urea, sodium chloride.


Store in a cool and dry place. Protect from moisture and exposure to light.Wash hands after use.

For hygienic reasons, fertilizers should always be applied with gloves.

Close all fertilizer packaging well after use and keep out of reach of children and pets.

When stored properly, the product has a shelf life of several years.

organic fertilizers

In nature lies the power

Organic quality and sustainability are particularly relevant when it comes to gardening and fertilization. Our garden is a safe place of recreation and our self-grown paradise.

To be able to move freely and to become one with nature again is the mission of Koryphé. That's why all of our products are natural, sustainable, and locally produced in Germany.

Our Koryphé Rose Garden Fertilizer provides your roses with an environmentally friendly supply of nutrients so they bloom healthily and vibrant. Together with you, we want to change the way we think about gardening and treat our plants and soils with love.


Our ground thanks you

Our pets, children and loved ones often walk barefoot through the garden, which is why we ensure our soils are as healthy and harmless as possible.

Our Koryphé Rose Garden fertilizer works together with the creatures in the soil who naturally provide a healthy and fertile soil. Did you know that one gram of soil contains more living creatures than there are people on earth?

Conventional fertilizers often contain high levels of chemicals and can harm humans and animals, as well as the complex organisms in our soil, which is why at Koryphé we aim to garden harmlessly and through good intentions.

essential nutrients

For you it shall rain organic roses

The Koryphé organic rose fertilizer has a natural phosphorus and nitrogen content, which is available for your roses in the long term.

These two substances provide your roses with vitality and strength.
Phosphorus has a positive effect on the formation of flowers in roses. Nitrogen ensures healthy growth of your roses.

We ensure to provide your plants with the essential nutrients that will feed them sustainably to stimulate the healthiest growth and development.

Choosing Us

Why Koryphé?

We seek to take care of both plants and people in order to preserve the beauty of nature for our generation and the ones to come.

At Koryphé we think that plant and human health are equally vital. As a result, our mission is to remove artificial additives, synthetic pesticides, or hazardous metals and try to make our products more beneficial to our ecosystem and our planet during the process. Our main goal is to maximize sustainability standards both internally and internationally to make our work more durable. We try to contribute to this by using resources wisely, reusing and recycling materials, and applying circular economy solutions.

You Ask, We Answer

Where can I see the product instructions?

At the back of each product you will find the application instructions as well as the application period instructions. You will also find it at each individual product page under the tab "Application".

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us at

Where are your products produced?

All our products are 100% produced in Germany.

What is the difference between regular and organic fertilizers?

Organic fertilizers release nutrients when they break down. This improves the soil health and its ability to hold water and nutrients. The components in organic fertilizers are made of natural ingredients such as plant substances from food and animal feed production.

Inorganic fertilizers feed your plants in fast doses of nutrients. These fertilizers contain the risk of a toxic overdose of chemicals that can negatively affect the growth of your plants.

What are the benefits of organic rose fertilizers?

Organic fertilizers are composed of animal waste, plant substances from food compost and animal feed production, and decaying leaves and plants. They also improve soil structure and its ability to hold nutrients and water. Additionally, they are non-toxic to wildlife and insects.

Organic rose fertilizers not only provide flowers the proper nutrition, but they also make the soil more pliable, avoid burning the flower plant, strengthen the plants' roots and defenses, helping them to produce healthier blooms.

Feeding your roses regularly with feed the ideal ratio of nutrients will result in a garden bursting with beautiful, aromatic blooms.

What are the essential nutrients my rose plants need to thrive?

The 3 essential nutrients for plants to grow are Nitrogen (N), Phosphate (P) and Potassium (K).

Nitrogen is necessary for the development of chlorophyll and cells in plants. It encourages healthy stalk growth and gives plants the support they need to constantly bloom.

Phosphate, also known as phosphorus, strengthens the root system and boosts the tissues in edible plants, fruit, and vegetables in addition to enhancing the capacity for seed production, flowers, and flowering.

Potassium, also known as potash, helps the plant better resist high temperatures by regulating water and enzyme activity. It's crucial for fruit and flower production, as well as root growth and seed generation.

How are Koryphé's products helpful for the environment?

At Koryphé we work hard to produce our products as environmentally and resource-friendly as possible. To us, our garden is a refuge, a place of recreation and our self-created paradise.

Knowing that the blooming flowers and bountiful yields in the garden have been achieved through organic and sustainable fertilisers that nourish the environment is incredibly fulfilling.

Koryphé is the way back to being close to nature and appreciating Mother Nature.

We focus on sustainable and resource-saving production so as not to burden our environment and to use its limited resources sparingly.